Thursday, November 3, 2016

Arts & Craft Fair Schedule

Howdy!  The holiday craft fair season is quickly approaching!  And so, I have been busy crafting, but also making my craft fair 'schedule' notification fun, festive, and special!  In the past I have mailed out post cards announcing my locations.  But, I wanted to change it up a bit this year.  So, I made my own.  No, I didn't sew on postcards.  Instead, I made these cute 'tags'.  That way, my schedule 'tags' won't hog a lot of real estate on your refrigerator, or clutter your message board {smile}.  

There are several folks that I always mail these out to.  But, if you want one, and/or aren't sure if you are on my mailing list, please email me @, and I will drop one in your snail mail {smile}.    
Thank you for stopping by my little piece of blog-land.  I hope you have been inspired to create something beautiful!

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