Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Shabby Houses

Howdy.  Welcome.  I purchased these tiny wooden blocks, shaped like houses.  They were plain, and irregular.  Probably not too inspiring.  But look past the blah, the blank, the irregular sides, the tinniness.  Just add some paint, paper, and embellishments, and viola!  Sounds pretty simple.  And fun!  You get to use all those pretty scraps and bits & pieces to create something pretty.  Easy.  Right?

a tall, wide house:

a short, wide house:

a tall, narrow house:

Recipe:  I painted all the houses with white chalk paint.  Left it dry (and that's the hardest part)!  Use a sanding block, and distress the paint on the edges and smooth all of the flat areas.
Use the 'house' as your template: trace the shape onto pattern paper.  I cut my paper too small.  I wanted the block edges to be seen.  I also sponged crumb cake classic ink on the edges of the pattern papers.  I used Paper It to adhere the paper.  I like it better than Mod Podge.  
The tall, wide house: I adhered a digital Bingo card to the front.  I wrapped a pale mint green seam binding ribbon around the house and tied it in a simple bow.  I adhered a white, resin, large key hole by Melissa Frances to the house.
The short, wide house:  I adhered a scrap piece of pattern paper from Prima Sweet Peppermint.  I adhered a silver and rhinestone crown to the front.  I tied a natural and silver stripe ribbon into a simple bow and adhered it to the top of the crown.
The tall, narrow house:  I adhered book print pattern paper.  I wrapped a piece of pale pink seam binding ribbon around the house and tied it in a simple bow.  I adhered a white resin architect piece, long ways to the front of the house.
I will have these for sale at my holiday craft fairs.  I haven't decided if I am going to sell this trio as a set, or individually.  Please use the 'comment' to let me know your thoughts!

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Heidi Lyons said...

Those are cute! I especially like the tall wide one with the keyhole! You always have such creative ideas!