Monday, August 1, 2016

Utility Apron

Howdy!  I worked on my apron yesterday, and I am happy with my progress.  {smile}  At first I was anxious to get started.  The ideas were swimming around in my mind, and really wanted to get started.  Then, my fabrics arrived in my mail box.  Yeah, I ordered some vintage fabrics and trims.  I roughly calculated how much material I would need, and then added a little extra {in case of mistakes during cutting}.  But, then I was time to cut.  And it really made me nervous!  I overcame my nervousness and grabbed my fabric scissors and cut.  {smile}
here is the almost, near completion of my shabby chic utility apron:

So, I will start at the bottom of the apron, and work my way to the top.   I machine stitched this beautiful white cotton trim with bows and scallops onto a Rachel Ashwell vintage pink embroidery fabric.  I sewn an eyelet floral white cotton trim, to the top of the pink fabric.  I made a quick and easy seam at the bottom of another Rachel Ashwell vintage fabric.  This white and pink floral fabric is just stunning in real life.  This panel piece (2 trims and 2 fabric pieces) are sewn together.  I haven't decided if I want to do 3-4 box pleats with this panel piece.  
The main body of the apron is an eggshell colored linen fabric.  I simply folded the fabric up to create the pockets (not sewn yet).   I am adding that beautiful white lace trim to the edge of the pockets (not sewn yet).   I want to attach this main piece to the vintage panel with that beautiful white cotton trim.  I made the ties out of the same fabric as the white floral Rachel Ashwell cotton fabric.  
I am happy with how it is coming together.  {smile}  I haven't finished, and there are quite a few pins holding it together.  Of course, I will be adding a few buttons and possibly a crochet doily to give this little beauty some shabby chicness.  {smile}    I am thinking about creating a blossom out of a coordinating fabric or possibly some ribbon.  But, I haven't decided on everything yet.  I'm still brain storming.  so, please stay tuned!

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Heidi Lyons said...

Looks pretty so far :) I can't wait to see the finished product!