Sunday, September 1, 2013

wish Banner

If you live in the United States of America, this weekend is a holiday for us.  This weekend we celebrate the American worker.  So, there is no work on Monday, allowing us to recharge.  For me, it has given me another 'free' day to create and craft.  Lately, I have noticed that I need to give myself deadlines on certain crafts, or they just don't always happen.  I find myself 'playing' at my craft table doing everything else, except working on a specific craft or completing a certain task.  So, this weekend, my two goals are: 
1) to create a banner 
2) finish a frame.
I have seen quite a few gorgeous banners on the internet, and well, yes, Pinterest.  But, I have never made one.  Always wanted to.  But never sat down and created one.  I have a few holiday craft fairs coming up, and thought that I could make one with my name on it: Designs by Sharon.  That way, it gives my booth a personal touch, and a bit of flair.
I have also learned through the years of crafting, that you don't always make the best 'thing' your first time around.  A bit of a learning curved, so to speak.  And well, this is the perfect example.  I didn't rush through this.  It literally took me several hours.  When I started creating this banner, in my mind, I had the fabulous idea of making several of these and adding them to my sale items.
Well, I have to admit.  I love this one.  I don't think that I will sell it.  It doesn't have my 'name' on it.  I wanted to start with something small.  So, it says, 'wish'.  I used papers that I really love.  I added enough stuff to make it pretty, but not too much stuff that it's confusing and over cluttered.  I'm happy with how it turned out.  But, there are little mistakes.  So, don't look too close, and have a gentle eye.

here are the close-ups of each letter, remember, this is my first, so be kind.

I have read, that you can machine sew on chipboard.  I didn't sew the tops onto the chipboard.  I created the banner first, and then adhered it to the chipboard.  The lollies I created by hand.  The letters already came that color, I just added glitter.  I doilies are actually adhered to the paper, before adhering to the chipboard, also.  
I now see that the letters are not straight.  I also notice that the banner pieces are not cut straight, either.  UGH!  But, I really do love it!  So, it will be hung in my craft room for now.  And maybe in my booth at my holiday craft fairs, but NOT for sale.  
I'm heading back in my craft room to finish a craft that has been half complete for over a week now.  A few more  altered mini composition notebooks.  I tend to create these in pairs.  And I promise, I will get to that frame later today.  I hope that it turns out as wonderful in real life as it is in my mind.  Cross your fingers and wish me luck!  Enjoy your Labor Day, and have a safe weekend.

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