Thursday, September 19, 2013


Hello! and welcome to my little space of creativity!  
During the holiday season, I sell most of my paper crafts at a few local craft fairs. And, well, I love it!  It is rather very rewarding to me, to make this connection with folks.  I just love talking to people, and it is always encouraging to get a positive feedback from craft fair goers {smile}.  I won't lie, or be misleading, it takes time, energy, a lot of creative sparks, and frankly time away from my family to do what I love: craft!  But, the positive energy, the smiles on folks faces, and the compliments that I receive, really do fuel my desire to create more.
If you have purchased anything I have made in the past, you know that I practice my preaching about presentation. I believe that you can make anything more beautiful and special, with the right wrapping/packaging.  It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile.  That you 'care and value what you create'.
If you have purchased one of my card collections, then you know that they come in a clear plastic box, and always with an extra envelope.  If you have purchased anything from one of the craft shows I have sold at, you know that I always provide a good quality bag with handles to carry your purchases.  I take the time to wrap mini loafs of bread, or provide a wooden spoon with my Spoon Fruits/Relishes.  It's my way of added love to my hand-made, home-made crafts. {smile}

So, with this in mind, I thought, why not market my 'business'?  Make a brand.  And I have been busy doing just that.  I had a rubber stamp made just for me, to stamp my 'brand' onto my paper crafts.  It has everything I love: flourishes, a butterfly, vintage typewriter font, and a elegant-rustic font.

This stamp will now appear on the back of all of the paper craft item I create.  But, I haven't stopped there!  I gave the final approval on another stamp.  This one is larger, and a bit simpler.  I will be stamping those good quality bags that are provided when you make a purchase from me at this years Arts and Crafts Fairs in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  That stamp has the vintage type writer font and elegant-rustic font, too, but the border is a bit simpler, due to the size.
Currently, I am considering colors for my booth at Arts and Crafts Fairs, and creating a banner, to help 'brand' my crafts.  At the moment, I am leaning towards white table cloths with a burlap overlay, and white shelving.  I want something that says 'crafty, feminine, and home-made'.

Well, thank you for stopping by!  It is always nice to chat with a 'friend' {smile}.  If you will be in the Albuquerque, New Mexico area during the first three weekends in November 2013, and would like a listing of the Arts and Crafts Fairs that I am selling at, please email me [@ bachnucmed (at) excite (dot) com] your address, and I will send you a post card, during the first week of October 2013, with dates, times, and locations.   Thank you for stopping by.

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