Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Things

Hello.  I hope your weekend is going well.  I know for me, if I get a chance to craft, it is a good day.  And well, today is a good day.  But right now, my mind is traveling in several different directions.  So, staying on task has been a challenge.  
I am participating in the Natural History Museum Chocolate Fantasy this year.  And I have been busy working on my sculpture, as well as perfecting my bite-size chocolates for the attendees.  So, please check back late this week, for a peak at what I did.  As the competition is Saturday March 2, 2013.  So, I need to have everything done and ready for judging by 1p that day.
Meanwhile, I have created a lovely card, for a lovely lady.  One of the things that I find fascinating about blogging, is the wide range of folks you interact with.  Folks that you wouldn't normally meet at a craft fair, or a grocery store.  This is a belated Birthday card, for a fellow design team member.  She is quite talented.  From her blog, and working with her, I have discovered that she treasures her friends, and her crafts.  

While crafting a Birthday card for Paula, I thought, why not create Birthday cards for the other design team members for their birthdays.  I'm a bit late for Sue, but I hope she knows that it is not reflective to my happy wishes for her.
I hope you get a chance to play along with your favorite challenges this week, and enjoy the process.

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