Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blog-iversary & Blog Candy! #3

Happy Wednesday to everyone!  
Here is the 'Blog-iversary' scoop:  follow these two super easy and quick steps, and your name is entered into a drawing for some blog candy.  there will be at least 2 prizes!  One valued @ $50, the other one valued @ $25.  If I reach over triple digits in visitors, I will throw in an additional 'candy' valued @ $25!
#1) sign-up as a follower.  Already a follower, then you are half way there!
#2) post a comment on the 'Blog-Iversary & Blog Candy' posts that arrive each Wednesday.  These specific posts will only be open for comment on Wednesdays.  Every time you comment, your name is added to the 'hat'.  
On July 22, 2011 I will select names from the 'hat' and you could win!  

Today's Question: Do you own more punches or dies, and why?
My answer:  At the current moment, I own more punches than dies.  However, it has been several months since I have purchased any punches, while my die collection grows.  I think punches are more obtainable due to their size, and easy of use.  100% of my punches are Stampin' Up!, while 95% of my dies are Stampin' Up!  I love Stampin' Up! products, because they are of such great quality, and can help me create beautiful things!


Jennifer Perkins said...

I regularly check out your blog for inspirations, and I am doubly happy for the chance at blog candy. thank you!

I currently own more dies than punches, and I actually like them better. However, the ease of use for the punches and the ability to place them more easily when I'm trying to use up my scraps means they will always make me happy, too!

:o) Jennifer

B. Nguyen said...

Hi Sharon, I currently own more punches than dies. While not all of them are stampin up, I have recently started buying only the stampin up punches as they coordinate so well with everything. I do more embossing folders than dies really...but who knows what I'll focus on this year!

Beth said...

I have WAY more punches than dies and about 98% of them are Stampin Up. I can't say enough about the great quality of their punches, they are so much better than the few others I have. I like punches because they are so easy to just grab and punch plus they're easier to transport. With the dies you have to have some sort of die cutting machine. Thanks again for the chance at some blog candy.

Jennifer Rzasa said...

I have no dies, and only about 4 punches. Most of my cutting I do by hand or with my electronic die cutter.

Babe O'Mara said...

I have many more punches than dies. Punches are easier to use (for me anyway). I can get some at Michaels for a reasonable price with a coupon. Also my punches are displayed in my craft room on metal poles so they are more visible than my dies, which are all in a container I have to dig thru to find the one I want. Thanks for a chance to win.


Leanne said...

I have a few punches & no dies. No crafting stuff is available here.

Jeanne said...

I own more punches... I like the punches because I can just grab one and punch and not dig out my die cutting machine... But I love my die cutting machine.