Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Hoot's Got Stamps?

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My downline meeting is tomorrow, Wednesday Oct. 13th @ 4:30p. I am happy to say that my downline has grown, and hopefully keeps growing. I have made these cute little items for each of them. I really wanted to do something with this cute little paper tote, so I filled it with other paper crafts. The item standing is a Stampin' Up! note pad. The item laying down is a Stampin' Up! post-it pad. It is monogrammed for Michelle. Each of my downline members will have their own, and theirs will be monogrammed, also.
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Have a wonderful day!


Anonymous said...

These are cute!!! What about your uplines?!!! :-)

Carri said...

Wow love this as a teacher it is about this time of year I need a pick me up.

Christie said...

This is just way to cute and I love the color combonations. Christie

Leilani McGranahan said...

Sharon, like your box and the cards that go inside...............you should share the pattern with the Nachos!!! Hugs Leilani