Friday, September 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Denise

I made this cake for a girl friend, who wanted it for one of our friends, Denise. Denise works in CT and she is a real sweet girl. Anyways, Denise is a 'girly-girl' and her favorite color is pink. The cake is two layers of white cake, and a strawberry filling. To keep the filling from being too sweet, I added some chopped strawberries instead of adding more sugar. The icing is whipped cream. Denise doesn't like the sweetness of butter cream icing. The sides are decorated with rosettes and the top and bottom borders are these swirls. The flowers are real, and yes, there is a sparkle to the cake. It is edible glitter.
Thank you for taking a moment to get a look at what all I do with my free time.
Enjoy your weekend, and as always, create something beautiful!

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