Sunday, August 1, 2010

Christmas Card Club #1 (1 of 3)

Its hard to think about Christmas, when its 90 degrees outside. But, it is never too early to get a head start on one of the busiest holidays in America. So, to help out my customers (new and seasoned) I am doing a 'Christmas Card Club'. Its pretty simple. We meet 3 times before Christmas. Its the second Saturday in the months of Aug., Sept., and Oct. You will make 15 cards total at each meeting. 5 cards each of 3 different designs. Envelopes are always included. The cost is $25 for any of the card clubs. However, if you sign-up (and pay) for all three meetings, the meeting in Oct. is only $10! There is always a benefit for my loyal class members :) So, without further ado, here is one of the cards we will be making at our first meeting:
This card uses green and blue, with a few 'classic' touches. If any of you are not familiar with my card styles, I don't do all typical 'christmas colors'. Yes, there will be a red and green card. But there will also be a pink card. A silver and blue card. A purple and yellow card, too. I do whimsical, traditional, and modern styles, as well. And yes, there will be a religious card. I give my class attendees a variety, because isn't that the spice of life? Oh, and as always, you are welcome to purchase kits either in addition to class kits or non-attendee kits. However, there are no price reductions for these kits, as I still have to prep all the supplies. If you do not attend, but purchase a kit, you will also receive color photos that go with the directions. If you would like your kit mailed, there is a $5 shipping charge anywhere in the USA, (including Alaska and Hawaii). If you have any questions, please contact me.

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stampingrandma said...

Love this card. Was wondering if you would be willing to sell your instructions as a PDF. I live in Canada so!!!!!!!!!
Thanks for sharing your wonderful card