Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Michaelann!

Happy Birthday Michaelann! Michaelann is one of my daughter's friends. Michaelann, also drives a race car! The folks out at the Albuquerque Drag Strip celebrated Michaelann's birthday on Saturday. My daughter asked me to make a cake, and for my daughter - anything. Well, if you don't know my daughter, she is one of those last minute planners. As her mother, I know this, so I took the liberty to make a birthday card, too. (and yes, they didn't think of that.) Anyway, back to Michaelann, her favorite color is purple, so that is why I used different purples on her card, and cake. The cake was a butter yellow 2-layer cake, with dark chocolate garnache mouse filling. And I heard it was delicious!

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