Tuesday, July 27, 2010

anne taintor mugs

There is a group of us girls, the group is small, (there are 5 of us) who actually find time in our super busy schedules and family lives, to get together to celebrate milestones in each others lives.
I saw these cups in one of my all time favorite stores, Sur La Table. The artist is Anne Taintor, and I think she does a wonderfully clever job adding text to these vintage images.
The cup on the left, (the one with two ladies) says, "funny...I don't recall asking for your opinion". The cup on the right, (the one with the lady washing dishes) says, "if by "happy" you mean trapped with no means of escape...? then yes, I'm happy".
I found these cups hilarious and clever. So, back to the beginning of my story, the group of ladies that I hang with, would find these funny, and to the heart.
I never use to 'like' vintage anything. But one day, I signed up for a Heritage Scrapbook class. There I met a wonderfully talented lady who showed me how to preserve my families history and make it look professional and heart felt. Now, I have a weakness for vintage. I would like to say, that it is because of my experience in the Heritage Scrapbook class, that I found a love for history, and a desire to embrace my past. Thank you Ronda!
I believe Anne Taintor also has a line of paper crafts. Thank you for looking.

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