Monday, July 12, 2010

9th place Bunco prize

Here is the 9th place prize for Bunco. (We play with 12 people, but when I host, I don't make a prize for me.) I stamped on the candle, and made 4 matching blank cards. My theme was home/hand made, with a bit of girlfriend celebration added. This is actually one of my favorite gifts. I stamped the words (background) first, then the flourishes, and then the chandelier. The rest of the images where added based on where the flourishes and chandelier were placed. I love how sweet, gentle, and a bit collage-y the project turned out. I made my own filler, too! Clean out your paper shredder, and take coordinating cardstock and run it through your paper crimper vertically and horizontally. Then place the crimped cardstock in the paper shredder. Viola!
Thanks for looking, and I promise, tonight I will post a photo of my granddaughters castle cake!

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