Thursday, February 18, 2010

Sasha week 15 1/2

I wanted to keep everyone up to date with the progress and growth of our 'girl' Sasha. She was the bargaining chip for me to get my craft cabinets. She is an English Mastiff. She is super sweet, but growing super fast. I posted a photo of her when we brought her home in December 2009. (If you have a moment, please go back and look at that post.) In that debut photo, she had this rawhide bone. She still has the rawhide bone. So, I had to take another photo of her with that bone. The first photo here, is her front paw in my hand. The next two photos are of her chewing a different rawhide. Sasha had another vet appointment and she weighted 29.4 pounds on Sunday.
I post some more photos of cards soon. Thank you for your patience.

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