Sunday, January 17, 2010


Aren't they just gorgeous! My new shelves and cabinets came-in the day before we left for vacation, last week. Now that we are home and settled, my husband and his friend installed them last night! :)
For those who know me, this is a great accomplishment! My previous storage system, was the floor. I'm not kidding. My husband had this idea to build me shelves - 5 years ago. He has a good heart, but he's busy. I have the structure of the shelves, but no shelves. (skeleton shelves) SO this happy Sunday, I get to move my crafting supplies off the floor and into cabinets and shelves! Happy Me!!!
So, when I get everything organized and put away, I'll take another picture. I have a new puppy (Sasha), and my granddaughter is visiting this weekend; so we'll see how much I get done. (maybe I can finish while everyone is asleep?)

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Tammy said...

okay, Sharon--we all want to come and play at your house!!! Love the shelves!!