Tuesday, May 2, 2017

May Happiness

Howdy! and welcome.  I am still working on my happiness, and trying to stay organized.  I use a planner, most weeks.  But, my greatest struggle is living a happy life.  It is sooo easy for me to find the disappointment, the struggle to be happy feels never-ending.  I know that if you can find the good in things, in life, that I can be grateful, and gratitude breeds joy.  I know the sequence, the consequence, the destination on my journey.  But I struggle with every step.  
So, when I began this new year, I decided to make several New Years Resolutions.  I knew that I wanted certain things out of life, and I didn't want to just sit on the sidelines any longer.  I have kept all of my resolutions.  However, my Happiness journey is still a struggle.  But, I actively work on it, on a daily/weekly basis.  
Here is May's Happiness goals:

I know what you are thinking, 'what? one more task?'.  And the answer is simply 'YES'.  If you can find things to be grateful for in your life, that gratitude breeds joy.  And joy, along with happiness is what you feel in your heart.  So, imagine being grateful, to be happy!  I believe that this emotion, this decision will make life easier to navigate through.  And so, some of these tasks require thought, and planning, but the execution will pay off.  Not only will these tasks make you happy, but they will unburden you with things, with regret, with dread.  When you send a friend a card, just imagine how happy that friend will be, when they open their snail mail box, and see a card, addressed to them.  When you organize a space (desk, kitchen cabinet, closet, room, etc) how 'free' you will feel.  Or how about how accomplished you will believe you are, when you actively work on your retirement plan(s).  Either talk to an advisor, or set up a retirement account, or review your monetary goals.  This active step to plan, for the future, to plan for what you want to do with the rest of your life, will ignite a passion, a sense of self.  
One of my other Gratitude resolutions, is to write down 3 things that I am Thankful for, at the end of each week.  I think that this reflection helps me start the new week, with a healthier, happier, and more joyful view.  I am simply tired of being mad, angry, dishearten, and fumbling their life.  I hope you find this helpful.

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