Sunday, November 8, 2015

Traditional Christmas Treasure

Welcome.   Well, I got my first arts and craft fair done.  It was a lot of fun.  I got to see several folks who have purchased from me before, and it is always wonderful to see you again!  I met a few new crafters.  I think it's great to sit and chat with folks who share your passion.  {smile}  It really did my heart good, to attend.  I did fret a little in the beginning, because I felt as if I hadn't crafted enough.  But, the turn out was good, and the items I created were a hit!  {smile}
This morning I woke up with crafting on my mind, and really wanted to make something pretty, something unique, and something special.  So, I grabbed a few wooden blocks (2" cubes) and several tiny wooden blocks (3/4" cubes), my paints, sand paper, some beautiful holiday papers, and some small plastic trophy cups.  I got my inspiration from Bobbi Smith; here.  And from the new decorating trends showcased in Pottery Barn and Ballad Design catalogs.
Here is my 'close to finished' product.

traditional Christmas
Here is how I did it:  I painted my wooden blocks (all of them) with gesso.  Then a coat of vintage white paint.  Grabbed my sandpaper and knocked off the corners, and gave each edge some sanding.  For my large block:  I distressed the edges of the paper with canvas ink (white).  I adhered the pattern papers with Paper It! (It's a mod-podge type of paper adhesive)  I applied my letters to the tiny blocks, and gave each letter another swipe or two of sand paper, and then sealed each letter side with Paper It!   The letter blocks are adhered to the top of the big block with diamond glaze.
As for the trophy cup, I wanted to tarnish some of the shine, so I used my dark brown Staz-On pad, and swiped it all over the cup; that the edges of the ink pad would reach.  I used red 7mm silk ribbon and tied a multi-loop bow.  I added a silver snowflake charm to the bow.  I adhered the bow to the cup with diamond glaze.
To decorate the larger block, I added bits and pieces from my craft stash.  I added a vintage ice skate, a tiny deep red rose, a green mitten and a cranberry vintage button.  I wanted the items to look 'random', and a bit scattered.
Now, before you ask, or say anything, I am NOT finished.  I want to add a bottle brush tree to the trophy cup.  That seems to be the decorating trend this holiday season - add an evergreen tree to your patio planter.  But, I did want to share what I have crafted so far.  I'm pretty happy with how this project is turning out.  {smile}

Well, thank you for looking.  I made three of these at once.  This is my 'traditional' version, I also have a 'vintage' and a 'shabby chic' versions.  (photos posted soon)   I am planning on making a few more - maybe two or three.  I haven't quit decided what style or design theme, yet.  But, I'll post photos! {smile}  Take care, and enjoy whats left of your weekend.

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