Friday, August 14, 2015

Real Life

Howdy, and welcome.  Let me start by saying, that I am sorry for being silent these past few weeks.  I have had someone out there who was 'stalking' me thru social media.  When I say 'stalking' I mean that they would show-up @ locations I 'checked-in' at, and would try to talk with me about things I have shared in my virtual world, and not with them personally (as they are NOT my 'friend').  Let's just say, that their approach, their content, and their actions were more than not welcome, inappropriate, and plain 'creepy'.  So, I had to make a few changes to certain security settings, and disabling the geo-tracker in my photos.  Welcome to the new age of cyber stalking.
To say the least, this whole experience has caused me to re-evaluate what I post, what I comment on, and what I share.  Unfortunately this person had changed the way I communicate with the outside world.  And this infuriates me.  I won't let my government silence me, or take away my rights, and now I have let a weak, insecure, selfish, disgusting, gross, grown man do that to me.  Well, I will take back my space.  I will talk, post, pin, share, like, and #!  My government does NOT have the right, the power, or the privilege of silencing me, and neither will a cyber stalker.  I just have to be smarter, and outwit that SOB!  And I WILL!!!
But through all of this, I have to admit, it has been hard to create.  I couldn't seem to focus.  I couldn't get the desire to craft.  I didn't have any ideas.  But that all changed last night.  I made some changes to my virtual world access, and 'adjusted' my photos.  And then finally finished binding my last blank journal.  I bound it with silver spirals.  I have the cover on, and I am now working on the inside cover and the back cover.  Bravo to creativity!   I will take some very nice photos and share them with you this weekend.  (fingers crossed)
Thank you, to everyone who has been patient, supportive, and understanding.  I love sharing what I create with all of you: followers, friends, family, and crafty internet surfers.  You are the folks that I want to connect with, that I want to share with, and that I want to interact with.  Thank you for being there when I really needed it, and for all your support.  Now, lets craft something!  {smile}

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Denita said...

So Sorry to hear about the creep!!! Glad you are standing your ground!! You are to talented to not share. Your in my prayers!! Love the journals!