Saturday, June 6, 2015

Pretty Pink Roses

Howdy! and welcome.  If you have come to take a look at my Friendship High Tea Party, you need to be a bit more patient.  My DH took the photographs with his camera, and he hasn't uploaded them to my computer.  {frown}  He started taking pics with my point and shoot camera, and after 10 min of fiddling with it, he proclaimed that he needed a real camera, and went and got his.
But, I didn't want to leave you hanging with no images.  So, I did manage to get him to take a photo, with my point and shoot camera, of the floral arrangements before I had placed them throughout the entertaining area.

The pink roses I purchased at the grocery store, believe it or not.  These are spray roses.  So there are 3-4 blossoms on each stem.  So, it was very easy to make each bunching.  The tea cups were purchased at a big box home decor store, at a reasonable price.  The over-all color scheme was pink, of course!  {smile}    And here is the menu:

the Menu

Crustless Quiche Lorraine  (gluten-free)
Bacon Dip & Sweet Potato Canape  (gluten-free)
Spring Salad with Warm Goat Cheese Medallions  (gluten-free)

Tea Sandwich:
Cucumber & Chive Sandwich

Scones & Biscuits:
Cream Cheese Scone
Strawberry & White Chocolate Scone  (gluten-free)
Apricot-Almond Blondie

Lemon Curd
Spiced Creme
Honey Creme Fraiche

Pink Lemonade Cake with Lemon Glaze
Lavender Cupcakes with Honey Frosting  (gluten-free)
Apple Rose Tarts

Most of the recipes used for this Friendship High Tea, were taken from Tea Time magazine.  Yes, I have a subscription.  The recipes were easy to follow, and the results were wonderful!  
I did post some photos on InstaGram.  So, you can take a look at some of those.  But, I will get some photos up of my party.  
Thank You for stopping by.  Now, I am working on 2 children birthday parties:  Brave and Frozen.  So, I need to get brain storming, and collecting ideas.  Have a great weekend!  I'll post more photos soon!

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