Sunday, April 5, 2015

Berry Cute

Happy Easter.  I hope you are spending this day with those who mean the most to you, and the Lord.  We are headed out to an Easter Luncheon a little bit later today.  So before I head into the kitchen to make a few dishes to share, I did want to share some small treats I made. {smile}

I started with some white berry baskets.  I actually have a stack of them in my craft room.  I can't remember what I actually purchased them for, but, glad I did.  {smile}.  I made my own crepe paper fringe.  I took 4 strips of the colored crepe paper and two strips of white crepe paper, and stacked them.  I ran the stacked crepe paper through my sewing machine giving them an extra push through, to create a ruffle.  Then I used my picking sheers to trim the ends.  Then I took my cutting sheers and made snips all the way down each strip (both sides) to create the fringe.  Finally I took my fingers and fluffed the cut fringe into this decorative puffy fringe.  I used hot glue to hold the crepe paper fringe to the outside of the white berry baskets.  I had a few 10" circle paper doilies.  So, I lined the inside of the berry baskets with the doilies, instead of easter grass.
Then I filled the baskets up with a few goodies.  Each basket has a small plush bunnie.  An individual-size package of Jelly Beans, a chocolate egg, and of course a chocolate bunny!

These were fun to make, and relatively inexpensive to put together.  Thank you for stopping by.  I am headed back into the kitchen.  I am making Green Chili Corn Pudding (by Martha Stewart), Mashed Potatoes, and Pink Lemonade Chiffon Cupcakes to take to the Easter Luncheon.  Happy Easter, and God bless you.

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