Sunday, March 30, 2014

thoughts . . .

Good Morning peeps.  Just a quick post to pop-in and say, "howdy! and thanks for stopping by!'  I have been busy this week creating and trying to complete a few different projects.  So, today, Sunday, is generally my 'catch-up' day.  You know, catch-up on laundry, cleaning, and trying to get a few crafts completed.  So, stay tuned, or simply check back with me later, and I'll have some photos.  I am  currently trying to get a 2 projects completed, and one photographed.  How exciting, to share those projects with you {smile}.
I am still working on my '100 days of happiness' and so far it is good.  For the first few days I was stressing over which photo to post, and which moment best showed my happiness for the day, and then I just came to the conclusion, that I am just going to post all my happy moments and not one specific moment of the day.  This little 'exercise' or 'challenge' as it is deemed, is really a way for one person to see just how 'happy' they are, and to tap into that feeling.  (or at least, this is how this challenge has evolved for me.)
Thank you for your continued support and viewing.  Now, I am off to my craft room to put some finishing touches on an almost completed craft, and get busy finishing another.  While I am getting the laundry done, get the dishes washed, and making home-made bread dough for dinner rolls tonight {smile}.  And if I get a chance, I'll run the vacuum {smile}.

Oh, a side note:  I will post a card I made on Monday.  That way you have something to look at for a few posts!

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