Sunday, October 6, 2013

Holiday Crafts

I hope you had a fabulous weekend.  I did.  I spent some quality time with my husband.  It was very nice, to spend some unhurried time with him.  But, we also did some chores.  Sasha, needed to go to the vet again.  She has an UTI that isn't clearing up.  So, she had her first Ultra Sound.  And yes, they do, do those for canines.  We also went and looked at RVs.  Recreational Vehicles.  A passion of my husbands.  We went out to dinner two nights in a row.  A miracle!  My husband loves my cooking, so getting him to eat out is a chore in itself.  I know I am blessed {smile}.  And we watched our two youngest grandchildren, all-day Sunday (over 6 hours).  
But through it all, I did get some crafting done.  Yesterday was World Card Making Day, but I also made a few different items.  The cards I am waiting to post.  There are a few challenges for those, and so we'll see how I do, before I show them.
Anyways, I did get some holiday crafting done.  I made some cute little things.

a food-safe bag for some home-baked goodies

magic reindeer food
I hope that you get a chance to create, and craft.  It really gives me a chance to 'escape' from real life, and find some peace.  But it also gives me a chance to exercise the other half of my brain.

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