Sunday, July 1, 2012


Today, was the first day I didn't feel awful!  When I woke up this morning, I felt like I could actually do something other than lay down.  So, I didn't want to over do it, ya know, I have to work tomorrow.  
I wanted to do something productive, but that didn't' require a great deal of effort.  So, I cut a few pieces of fabric and sat down to sew a 'gathered clutch'.  Sounds fun, huh?

and yes, I lined it {smile}.  I used Comfort Cafe fabric.  You get 3 extra large fat quarters in each package of Stampin' Up! fabric.  I used all three patterns.  The only non-Stampin' Up! product that I used to create this little beauty is the zipper.  It's a 7" white zipper.  
I think my little (8" x 5") gathered clutch turned out quite cute!
This project usually takes me about an hour or so to complete.  But, due to my ending illness, this sewing project took me almost 3 hours.  My head is still in a bit of a fog.  But, I didn't have a deadline.  It was quite nice to sit and sew, iron, and battle a zipper without breaking a needle.  Therapeutic, so to speak.
Thank you for stopping by today.  I appreciate the following.


Lisa said...

Stopped over to see your blog after searching for sewing blogs. I too am a papercrafter, and I spent some time looking over your work. Your blog & art is fabulous! I decided to become a follower.
Lisa :)

Anonymous said...

Little clutches to hold all kinds of memories, a single earring, half used lipstick, ticket stubs from a rock concert. Who knows what else. Virginia

Meihsia Liu said...

This is really a fun project and beautiful clutch. And good to know that you are feeling good now... :)

Sharon Wheet said...

ah, thank you LIsa for your kind words {smile}, and I hope you find some inspiration
here is a link to the tutorial on this gathered clutch

Karen said...

This is super cute!!