Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Bunco Bags & Boxes

For those who know me, I play Bunco.  If you don't play or know what it is, it is a dice game.  The group I play in, there are 12 of us ladies.  We get together the same day each month.  We take turns who is the 'hostess'.  If you are the hostess, you purchase the prizes and provide dinner.  We don't drink alcohol at these 'meetings', but we do laugh and yell, and have a wonderful time!
So, when it is my turn to hostess, my theme is always the same: Home made, Hand made.  The dinner is always home made.  No take out, no frozen meals, just good ol'  home cooking.  My prizes are always hand made.  I'm a paper crafter, and so most of my gifts are made from paper.  Each 'prize' has a set of blank cards that match the item.
Without further ado, here are a few pictures of some of the prizes that I made this month.  Enjoy!

The first two photos are of cardstock hand bags with matching cards.  The third image is an altered paper mache box.  The fourth photo is of a small clutch I made.  The clutch was sewn on my sewing machine, it's lined, and the fabric flower on front was created by hand.  The cards are all different, but match the main item.
Thank you for looking.  These photos were taken at the last moment, so I apologize if they aren't the best quality. 

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Lenet said...

Beautiful! Who doesn't want to win those prizes!