Friday, May 6, 2011

More Bunco Prizes

So, last night was Bunco.  And it was my turn to be hostess.  My theme isn't original or very clever, but the ladies know what it is before they come out-no surprise!  'Home-made, Hand-made'.  The food is all home-made.  (So, its from scratch.)  No pre-made stuff.  This is an absolutely wonderful group of ladies, so they DO deserve the very best.  The prizes are all hand-made, and almost always a paper craft item, or an altered item.  So, its not a surprise, but it is well received.  
So, as promised, here are a few more photos: 
(each set matches in theme, color, embellishments, paper, etc.)

A stationary set: holder, 4 blank cards, & a mother's day card

paper tote: cardstock tote bag, 4 blank cards and a Mother's Day card

Frame Insert: photo frame, insert, 4 blank cards, & a Mother's Day card

As you can tell, each set is unique and different.  This group of ladies have different tastes, different styles, and are unique themselves!  The evening was a blast, and it was very nice to make everything for them.
Share your thoughts with me.  And, for a complete list of products used for any item posted, please email me separately.  As with all paper crafters, sometimes we hoard our supplies, so some items may not be found or produced any longer.
Hope everyone's week is going great! and don't forget to come back tomorrow for my post with the gals @ Our Creative Corner challenge!  It's a new week, so there's a new challenge!  See ya then!

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LeAnne said...

These are gorgeous projects!!