Sunday, March 6, 2011

19th Annual Chocolate Fantasy - Nada, Inc.

Hotels & Casinos
1st Place & Best in Show: Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa - The Hunted

Restaurants & Caterers
1st Place: Theobroma Chocolatatier - African Paint

1st Place: CNM Culinary Arts - Beauty of Life

People's Choice & 2nd Place
Restaurants & Caterers: Krispy Art - Pride & More Prejudice

I am not a hotel/casino. I don't have a restaurant. I have catered a private party or two. I have never attended any formal cooking/baking/chocolate schools, on-line classes, or continuing educational classes. I participate because I think its fun. And, when I win something, its super exciting! I have been competing for 6 years now. I have won (including last night) one 2nd place, and two third place. Our solid chocolate sculpture took just over 25lbs of chocolate, 2 lbs chocolate clay, 1/2 lb toasted coconut, 1/3 lb. toffee bits, and almost 50 hrs of labor. I had two wonderful helpers this year: Sharon Reese (my mom) and Tara Tafoya (my daughter) help me. We had alot of fun doing this, and I believe that we are all happy with our prize! There is alot of talent out there, and everyone did a wonderful job! Here is a photo of our creation:

Restaurants & Caterers
3rd Place: Nada, Inc. - Maelewano (Harmony)
In the African 'wild' you typically see hippos, zebras and giraffes together living in harmony, without harming each other. There is an African man sitting under the umbrella tree (opposite side of the zebra). We did everything to scale. Our conversion was 1 inch = 1 foot. The white piece of chocolate in the foreground has an elephant stamped on it. Our scene is during the dry season, that's why there aren't any grasses. We have a tiny butterfly on the hippo's nose, making him point and turn his nose upwards. Our candy was a flower-shaped dark chocolate cup, filled with a Pomegranate flavored caramel sitting on a bed of toffee bits.

Thank you for looking! We had alot of fun this year. The Natural History Museum hosts this event each year, and we love attending! Its a black-tie gala event, causing our husbands to put on at least a suit, if not a tux, and we get to wear our pretty princess ball gowns! Thank you for stopping by! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Jennifer Rzasa said...

Sharon, your chocolate sculpture is amazing! Since I read yesterday on your blog that you would be competing, I have been waiting anxiously to see pictures!! How did you do the animals? Are they carved, or cast? Congrats to you, your mom, and your daughter!

ArtisticInkspirations said...

Wow...amazing Sharon.. didn't know you had this hidden talent!! good job!! I have watched the chocolate and candy competitions, but never knew anyone who competed!