Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Card Club card #3 & Bonus card

The red card featuring the reindeer, is card #3.
The 'Peace on Earth' card is the bonus card.

Here are the last 2 cards. For this series, I wanted to use stamp sets that are popular, and that most people have. I think showing someone a new card design with the same set, shows how versatile a stamp set is, and the customer leaves feeling better about their previous purchase.
I have embraced the 'vintage' look of some hand-made cards. So, I have included a vintage-feel card in each club series. So, here is this series card.
For the bonus cards, I have introduced the participants to something 'new'. And so, this series I have used a hostess stamp set. I don't use hostess stamp sets for clubs or workshops. Basically, I want the customer to go home with something they love and something they can reproduce again and again. This is my first time breaking this rule.
Thank you for looking! Let me know what you think.

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Nichole said...

I don't think using hostess sets in workshops is all that bad, though I see you point. One of the benefits of using the hostess set is the possibility of a person booking a subsequent workshop so that they can earn the set themselves. Additionally, it can give you the opportunity to show how versitle a card template/stamp set is by being able to have certain aspects interchanged to create a similar product.

Either way, I love these cards. I am a little bummed that I opted to not attend your Christmas Card Club – I love the cards.