Thursday, December 10, 2009


There is a small group of us ladies (5), who, have stuck together over time. We value each other's friendship, and cherish each others company. I don't know if age has anything to do with it [we are all over 30, some over 40 :)] but we each know that there is someone out there who we can count on. That is for everything. Unfortunately, it takes a little work, for all of us to get together. So, every December, we meet at this one particular restaurant and exchange gifts. Oh, did I mention that we are all talented paper crafters? We are. Its funny, no two of us has the same style. But we all ROCK! Well, with the economy in the toilet, I decided to shave a few dollars off my expenses and make each one of these very special ladies a little something. Its a little 'box' that holds little note cards (3" x 3") and envelopes. I made each box in the favorite colors of each lady. I also stamped each note card specific to what each lady likes. Well, need less to say, they were a hit. I took a few pictures of my finished project, which for some reason, I always seem to forget, and after viewing the photos, I should have taken more. Oh well. So here are a few (and I mean a few) photos.
I used products probably from every company out there: Stampin' Up!, Paper Trey Ink, Close to My Heart, Basic Grey, SEI, and more. If you would like the supply list for any specific card, please email your request. The box template (Keeping Tabs) I purchased from Paper Trey Ink. I just love them. I print them off onto copy paper, and copy them directly onto card stock. Pretty easy!
Thank you so much for taking the time to take a look. Remember, comments always make my day!

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